What to do daily on LinkedIn to land a job or new business

You hear it over and over ... to land a job or clients using LinkedIn, be active on the site. But what does "being active on LinkedIn" really mean and how much time does it take each day? 

The good news is that it doesn't have to take a lot of time and simple daily tasks can really help you show up higher in LinkedIn search for what you want to be found for. 

Here's what to do daily on LinkedIn:

1) Accept invitations to connect using a customized response message. To do so, open the invitation message in your LinkedIn Inbox and then click the triangle next to "Accept" and click "Reply". Use your reply message to build the relationship or further your job search or business agenda. 


2) Respond to messages in your Inbox and then clean out your Inbox box by either putting messages into the trash or by saving them to the archive so that you can access them later.

Endorse people!

3) Endorse your connections using the pop-up blue box that appears when you visit your Edit Profile page. 

Aim to endorse at least 5 people each day who are worthy of your endorsement. Why? The action of endorsing people actually helps you show up higher in LinkedIn search. Plus, people will often return the favor and endorse you.


4) Accept endorsements, thank people for their endorsements and get over your distaste for the endorsement process. Pure and simple: Endorsements help you show up higher in LinkedIn search for what you want to be found for ... so accept them and be grateful. 


Here's how to see your total number of skills after you have reached 99+

5) Manually keep track of how many total endorsements that you have received and add the total number in your Summary section, updating it every time you receive 5 more endorsements. Use wording in your Summary like "2,505+ skills endorsements for communication excellence. Thanks!" This growing number displayed in your Summary impresses visitors and encourages people to endorse you even more often because it shows that you appreciate it.
How to list your total endorsement count in your Summary section.

6) Click the "See more" link in the "People You May Know" box and invite 3 people you know to connect. But don't use the "Connect" button in the list. Rather, click the person's face or name, go to their profile page and then invite them from there so that you can customize the message. Doing so greatly increases the chances that they will accept your invitation. How to invite people to connect and what to say

Note: LinkedIn may have just changed how you can customize your invitation messages. To customize your invitations, visit the person's profile and then instead of clicking Connect, you may need to click the triangle to the right of the Send "NAME" InMail box and select "Customize invitation message".  


7) Visit the "Who Viewed My Profile" section from your Home page and consider inviting the people who visited you to connect. Note: If you have set your settings to view people's profiles anonymously or semi-anonymously, you will not be able to view your visitors. 

To see who viewed your profile, you must allow
others to see your name and headline.
To change this setting (so you can see who visited your profile), 
  • Click your little picture in the upper right hand corner of any page. 
  • Enter your password when prompted.
  • Click "Select what others see when you've viewed their profile"
  • Choose "Your name and headline" (Recommended)
  • Note: If people choose to visit your profile anonymously or semi-anonymously, they will still be anonymous even if you make this change or even if you upgrade to a premium account. The only people who you will now be able to see are those who also chose to visit people publicly.


Like, comment or share connections' posts.
8) Scroll through all of the posts on your home page that have been posted since the day before, liking, sharing and/or commenting on people's posts as you go.


9) Share an article, quote or question in your "Share an update" box on your home page. Particularly share items related to your field, industry or business. This effort can help you be seen as a thought leader in your specialty area. How to share other people's articles

10) Post the same items (or different ones) as in Step 9 in 1 to 3 relevant LinkedIn groups. While you are there, like and comment on other people's discussions to grow your presence and relationships within the group.

LinkedIn updates email
Review the daily LinkedIn Updates message sent to you
via email and congratulate your connections'  birthdays,
work anniversaries and new positions.  

11) Review the daily LinkedIn Updates message emailed to you daily and congratulate people shown who are celebrating their birthday, work anniversary or new position.


One extra daily duty if you are job seeking: Visit the LinkedIn Jobs tab daily and follow the prompts to apply online for jobs that are right for you. Reach out to someone who you know at the hiring company to enlist their help in getting your resume in front of the right person.

One extra daily duty for career or business: Consider responding to people who visit your profile to see if you can be of help, suggests Dick Bailey, a St. Louis insurance agent. Doing so could lead to new business, or if you are job seeker, it could lead to a new career opportunity. 


Once a week

1) Read all recent group discussions and like or respond to at least one discussion post in each group.


2) Invite 5 group managers and thought leaders within your groups to connect, customizing the invitation message to let them know why you want to connect.


3) Invite mutual friends of 1 to 3 of your connections to connect customizing your message to remind them of how you know each other. To view their connections, visit a person's profile and then click on the blue connections number in the top box (if the type is black, the person has prevented viewing of their connections).

Visit a person's Skills & Expertise section to endorse multiple skills at the same time.

4) Endorse all, or nearly all of one of your connection's skills by visiting his/her profile, scrolling to the Skills & Expertise section and clicking the gray plus sign next to each skill. When you have successfully endorsed the skill, the plus sign will turn blue.


Once a month

1) Review and improve your LinkedIn profile. (Note: You may want to set the "Notify your network" feature to "No" before making changes so that you can keep your edits private until you are finished).

2) Upload new rich media to your Summary, Experience and Education sections to make those sections visually "pop". Do so by clicking the rich media icon, which looks like a box with a plus sign and either uploading a file from your computer or by grabbing a web link generated by one of LinkedIn supported partners and pasting it into the box that pops up.

3) Write a recommendation about one of your connections who is particularly deserving of your praise. To do so, visit the person's profile, click the triangle next to the "Send a message" button, click "Recommend" and follow the prompts.

Take these simple steps to master LinkedIn whether for job search or business ... it can help you get a job or land a new client! -- Kathy


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5 must-have job apps to speed up your career search

career applications, job search applications, job help applications,
Timing is everything when it comes to searching for a new job. There are a lot of job opportunities and much of the work is finding them when they're available. 

Thanks to the Internet, your window of opportunity has grown exponentially. And, now with apps that can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet, you can more easily come across the right jobs at the right time. 

These five apps can help you network and find and apply for jobs anytime, anywhere.


Many times a job opportunity is found through a network of friends, coworkers and business contacts. 

With CardDrop, you can share a digital business card with anyone, giving them all your necessary contact information in their mobile phones. 

Now, the risk of them losing your physical card can be avoided. Additionally, your phone's GPS pinpoints your location once you've dropped your business card into the app. Other users can then pick up your card where you dropped it, or they can visit CardDrop's website to leave a name and address for a meeting spot. 

You also can pick up and leave contact information for people you have not met and connect you to contacts through social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter.


LunchMeet app
LunchMeet is a free networking app to help you set up a meeting with potential employers. It is great for those who aren't as comfortable reaching out to others to set up a meeting. 

The app, which is inspired by Keith Ferrazzi's book Never Eat Alone, allows you to search and set up a location and available time to meet with others in the same area to discuss a job opportunity. The app also comes with a messaging feature to allow you to message a meeting arrangement.

Hidden Jobs

Hidden Jobs app
The great thing about the Internet is you have an unlimited number of job opportunities to hunt down at the tip of your fingers. But, the downsides are that many job opportunities are unadvertised or you may not be able to find them, meaning you could miss the job you're looking for. Luckily, the Hidden Jobs app can help you track close to 2 million unadvertised jobs from businesses that are just opening or expanding. 

Through this app you receive job opportunities that are announced in newspapers, magazines and press releases that don't necessarily make it to the digital realm. If you're looking to cover all avenues in your job hunt, this app is essential.


LinkedIn created the app Intro to make it easier to view employee and employer information through your smartphone. With a LinkedIn account, job seekers and employers can easily check out profiles. 

In addition, you can add a button in your email messages that provides your LinkedIn profile for you to connect. 

Once you click on the button, a more detailed digital resume of the sender is featured, providing information like what company he or she works for, job title, previous work experience and education. It automatically connects with iPhone's built-in Mail app, but it also can work with AOL mail, Yahoo mail, iCloud, Gmail and Google Apps.


With so many job search platforms to hit—such as LinkUp, Indeed, CareerBuilder and SimplyHired—it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to monitor several job boards. 

The Hire-A-Droid app, however, gathers opportunities from each of those platforms and presents them to you in one format. Hire-A-Droid allows you to store prior job queries and create keywords that can be turned into a sort of job agent for you. You also can inform others of hiring opportunities you come across through Twitter and submit your resume to the app.

Guest post by SocialMonsters.org

The bottom line ... get these apps! They can help you ... Get a Job! -- Kathy


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Top 10 job search trends for 2015

Just like any other activity that depends on market fluctuations, job search trends are under constant change. 

Candidates sticking to old tactics might find their efforts ineffective. 

When looking for true talents and passionate employees, recruiters are taking into account more factors and information sources than ever to make the best decisions. 

Read on! Knowing what recruiters are looking for will help you dramatically improve your chances of landing a great job in 2015.

The top 10 job search trends for 2015:

1. Mobile recruiting

It's a fact. Recruitment is following other business sectors into mobile environments. 

In 2015, recruiters will use their mobile phones to post job listings, research candidates, contact them, and forward their resumes to colleagues. Jobvite found out that over half of all recruiters plan to increase their investment in mobile recruiting. (Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey)

And where recruiters go, job seekers soon follow. In a recent survey, Glassdoor showed that 9 out of 10 candidates plan to use mobile devices in their job search within the next year. 

This is 7 percent more than was reported last year. Takeaway message? To meet recruiters right where they're hunting, extend your job-seeking activities to innovative digital technologies – they'll ensure your presence on mobile platforms.

social networking
2. Social media presence

In 2015, social media presence of job candidates will be more important than ever. It's safe to say that social recruiting has become nothing short of an essential resource for hunting talented and qualified job candidates. The Jobvite survey demonstrated that 73% of recruiters used social media to hire candidates. (Jobvite Survey)

When it comes to candidate recruitment, the top social network is LinkedIn, but it's not the only valuable social medium for recruiting. In certain contexts, Facebook or Twitter might be equally valuable – helping recruiters to assess whether the candidate is a thought leader in their sector and whether their professional network is a significant asset to this hire.

3. Job search outsourcing

It seems surprising, but experts expect that in 2015, job search service outsourcing will emerge as a more widespread practice. An increasing number of job seekers will resort to hiring private services both in their country and internationally to manage certain aspects of their job search, such as resume creation, recruiter reach services, LinkedIn profile optimization, and career coaching.

This of course doesn't mean that hired professionals will appear with candidates on job interviews or in the middle of salary negotiations, but rather that things like company research, social media activity, networking, and relationship management will be scratched off from the busy calendars of candidates.

4. Social networking

Social networking is a major trend that is simply bound to expand in 2015. Recruiters use more and more social media platforms to create relationships with candidates each year. Still, LinkedIn gets the majority of their trust with an astounding 57% increase in recruiting activities on its site the last four years.

That's why candidates should consider social networking seriously. It's not just about having informative profiles and lots of connections – it's also about the value that they bring to their professional community. Social networking also allows networking with recruiters who use their social media accounts precisely to engage with (and recruit) candidates who are active online.

5. Thought leadership

Content marketing is on the rise and this development is likely to spread to job search in 2015. Ever since LinkedIn launched its blogging platform, it promoted a space for personal branding and thought leadership.

It's a brilliant way to drive more traffic to your LinkedIn profile – LinkedIn content usually boasts very high ranking in Google, so by posting and sharing relevant and interesting articles of your own creation, you'll attract the attention of recruiters, hiring managers and company owners.

6. Video recruitment

The use of videos in job seeking has been gaining steam for years, but 2015 is taking this art to a completely different level. The proliferation of video in recruiting practices means that if you want to use this form seriously, you need to find a way to be original and authentic.

Why not create a short video and attach it to your LinkedIn profile? Showcase your professional experience and brand. Or, focus on one accomplishment, showing why it was challenging, what was the action you took and what were the results. For ideas, search for "video resume" on YouTube.

7. Passive recruitment

In 2015, recruiters are hunting for passive candidates (employed candidates who are not actively looking) like never before. Passive talent is especially important on the American scene, where 72% of companies admit that they prefer to hire passive (employed) candidates.

This trend of recruiters targeting employed prospects is why you should have a great resume ready at all times, not just for when you decide to look for other opportunities. A resume showcasing your achievements and reflecting your career brand is vital in passive recruitment. Likewise, it's essential to have a fully optimized LinkedIn profile. How essential? According to LinkedIn, candidates have a 40 times greater chance of landing a job with a fully optimized LinkedIn profile than if they have no profile or a bad one. Get a fully optimized profile from LinkedWISE.

8. Online profiles

The 2014 Jobvite survey showed that 93% of recruiters looked at a candidate's social media profile (particularly LinkedIn) before making the hiring decision. Just like your resume, your online profiles should tell a story that perfectly reflects your career brand and resonates with recruiters.

When creating online profiles, make sure that all of your information is accurate and that there are no inconsistencies between your resume and information on your online profiles. Recruiters are less likely to trust you if they catch discrepancies. 

Depending on your industry, choose your profile photo carefully – for some sectors, casual dress works fine, but for others, business dress is expected.

9. Talents go external

There is a major global shift in employment happening in 2015. Many companies now hire mostly outsourced talent, such as consultants, freelancers, outside providers, and contractors, rather than hiring full-time workers. 

Smart job seekers should take this trend into account and let staffing agencies know if you are interested in their contract, temp-to-hire and temporary positions, in addition to full-time job opportunities.

10. Data-based decision making

Data and metrics are at the center of practically every business decision-making sector of a company nowadays. Recruitment is finally embracing this trend. It's likely that in 2015, more recruiters will go for data-driven hires ... and for good reason. Recruiters have already determined that metrics-based decisions are 25% more successful than those made based on instinctive candidate assessments.

Moreover, instead of seeing historical metrics take the lead, recruiters will use impressive real-time and predictive analytics to support their hiring decisions. What does this tell us? That data will be extremely important for job seeking.

This new development should also help candidates in depersonalizing the recruitment process. Instead of thinking there's something wrong with them, they can interpret bad news as a particular instance when an analytics algorithm clearly wasn’t in their favor.

Recruitment practices change along with the economy, job market and culture, so you've got to be ready. Acknowledge the importance of the 2015 job trends and incorporate the latest recruitment changes into your job search repertoire to improve your job chances.

Isabel Wiliams
Guest post by Isabel Wiliams of http://www.bizdb.co.uk/

Isabel combines a deep background in Internet Science with intense expertise in New Technologies. 

She is a seasoned educator who lectures about leveraging the potential of the World Wide Web for professional development.

Thanks, Isabel. Great topic! Knowing the hiring trends and responding proactively to them really can help you ... Get a Job! -- Kathy


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